Awesome Sunday Music Lineup!

Jonas Sills

Jonas Sills

Join us at 10:30 a.m. Sundays, not just for inspiring and thought-provoking messages, but for fantastic music, as well.

We welcome Jonas Sills as our new Music Director! He is a singer, performer, conductor, producer, teacher, and lover of music. He has performed with multiple opera and musical theater companies all around the area, as well as at countless churches, temples, and other spiritual venues. He specializes in music that stirs a deeper feeling of spirit. He runs his own non-profit, “Art-In-Relation,” specializing in producing theater and other performances. He also owns, with his beautiful wife Heidi, an eclectic shop under his home in Long Beach, the BeeBop Shop, dedicated to eclectic and multicultural items. He thanks long-time friend Faith Rivera and Rev. Kathy for the opportunity to become our new Music Director! 



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